Exeter Green Circle Big Stomp

The Exeter Green Circle is a twelve mile walk that provides a great walking experience within the boundaries of Exeter – through valley parks and countryside and along the river, with only a few short sections on roads and pavements. I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing the little signs and sometimes following the green circle for a little while, but never having experienced the whole walk.

In May, for Naturally Healthy Month, Active Exeter, Exeter Green Partnership and Devon Wildlife Trust are working in partnership, on the Green Circle Big Stomp event. The aim of the Big Stomp isn’t to get everyone charging round the whole 12 miles, but to encourage people to engage with nature, with communities organising their own events, taking in parts of the Green Circle, but mainly just getting outdoors, enjoying themselves and appreciating the fantastic green spaces surrounding Exeter.

We’ll be placing these boards around the route A2 COREX BOARD GREEN STOMP so that people can record their thoughts about the green circle, or let us know on social media using #letnaturenurture (the Naturally Healthy hashtag), it works for facebook, or twitter.

We’re encouraging community groups, schools, or anyone who is interested to organise their own walks, or just to get out and do it without having to organise anything. If you are doing a small section locally, feel free to share your events on the main facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1406489279374555 

Part of the Big Stomp will be about gathering feedback, what’s good about this walk, but also where the signs could be improved, or anything else which would encourage more use of the route. Please use the boards, email us exetergreenpartnership@gmail.com and laura.robinson@activedevon.org , or the hashtag #letnaturenurture on facebook and twitter, to let us know what you think.

More info on the location of the boards will follow, as soon as we’ve finished putting them up…


All pictures used with permission, taken by Sarah Bagwell 2017